No ImageCurry Turkey Salad

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  1. Marcela Beth Clay

    Have made this recipe with salmon, grapes, walnuts, and apples, as well as one time with cooked chicken breast & toasted almonds substituting for turkey. Best part of the recipe is the curry sauce – toasting the curry releases some over-the-top flavors.

  2. Denise

    We received a whole frozen turkey for Christmas but went out of town for the holiday, so last night we pulled apart the turkey pieces (slicing the breast off the bone to help with cooking time) and marinated them in a garlic, basil, and soy sauce vinaigrette. Instead of baking, we grilled the pieces for about 20 minutes total. It was delicious and now we have a ton of turkey to use for recipes like this! We made this recipe today- delicious! Didn’t have yogurt so I substituted sour cream which worked fine. A few chopped pecans might be a nice add next time. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Carolyn

    A chime-in from another vegetarian- I am about to post a turkey-style seitan recipe I’ve been tweaking and using this season on my own site, and I think your recipe will work spectacularly with a non-bird alternative. Curry anything gets my attention every time, especially when accompanied by fruit. Who says the meal has to put you to sleep in order to be good- salads of all kinds need to be more front and center on everyone’s plate!

  4. berkeley girl

    I’m a vegetarian, so have no leftover turkey, but this worked great w/ sliced tempeh. I didn’t have any celery, ginger powder, herbs, or mayonnaise, but the concept still worked great! I sauteed the tempeh briefly in olive oil & 1/2 of the curry powder, added chopped spinach and cooked for less than 1 min, then added both to the dressing and mixed in the raisins and apples. A nice spicy salad.
    -berkeley girl

  5. Dorothy

    So yummy! Substitution haters stop here. I used chicken instead of turkey and (duh) it was great. Thanks so much for the recipe.

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