No ImageCaramelized Onion English Muffin Pizzas

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  1. Becky Jenner

    A quick,easy alternative if you don’t have English muffins on hand is bread! One of my children’s favorites is “Pizzawhiches”. Just butter your bread of choice as you would for a grilled cheese.Sprinkle butter side with a smidge of garlic powder and a dash of Italian seasoning.Place the bread butter side down in a heated fry pan.Spread some pizza or spaghetti sauce on the bread.Add cheese’s of choice, some thin pepperoni slices,graded Parmesan and mozzarella or what ever you like on your pizza! Be sure that you start with cheese and end with cheese so your “pizzawhich” melts together! Warm up what’s left of the sauce for dipping in. Enjoy!

  2. Jennie

    I found and then lost a recipe my mother had to make party snacks with english muffins. I’m wondering if anyone else has it? It has pepperoni, cheese, ripe olives, scallions and I think it is held together with mayo.


  3. sandy

    Assemble different ingredients at parties and let guests make their own. Great for kids.

  4. Annie

    I just made your pizza last night on pita bread. I was planning on using english muffins, but I came across the pita bread at the store first and thought they look like mini pizza dough. They were so good and easy!!

  5. Sally

    Just tried your mini pizza. It’s so yummy..Even make the kitchen smell heavenly….My daughter loves it so much.. Thank you!!


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