No ImageEasy “Fantasy” Fudge

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  1. Diane Presley

    This was very decadent . The fudge was really rich and creamy I didn’t add nuts because some in the family can’t have them. This fudge is So good I’ve gave the recipe out 4 times already to co workers and a few neighbors!


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  2. Stacy Gates

    Beware!! This recipe called for 3/4 C butter. Way too much. I had butter sitting on top of the candy. Of course afterwards I compared it to other recipes. They called for 1/4 C. Big mistake.

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  3. Pamela parrott

    This recipe I have been using for years. So many variations..use peanut butter chips dor peanut butter fudge..I have even used white chips and half bag of cake mix in last step and it tastes like cake batter..with speinkles of course. You can use half brown sugar and half white and and pecans…butter pecan fudge..The add ins are endless


    Hi. ..have made this with great success but in looking at the fluff Web site I see their never fail fudge puts the fluff into the pan to heat with the butter, sugar and evaporated milk. ……alot less messy getting it into one pan out if the jar without rushing
    Has anyone else tried this?
    I gave it a go and it worked well…slightly harder but I put less butter so that might be why. …still delish though !!

  5. Teresa Caudill

    Made this recipe last night and repeated, using white chocolate and crushed oreos. All I can say is “WOW – qhy have I waited so long to make fudge?”!! This recipe was easy and fudge was terrific. It took a long time to get to “heavy boil” but I continued heavy boil for 5 minutes, as others suggested. I left fudge on the counter overnight to cool. This morning it was perfect!! Thanks for sharing. This was a great recipe.

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