No ImageDanish Pork Burgers

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  1. Tmaw

    Yummy, I make these every week, sometimes more.


  2. Demi

    Great and quick recipe. I made it tonight and the family loved it. My family will be coming into town next week and this will definitely be on the menu. Thank you for the delicious recipe!


  3. Morgan

    Made these for dinner tonight with some pork I had already ground (and previously frozen) from a pork loin. I made no changes to the recipe and they were DELICIOUS. Thanks for the great recipe!


  4. Mary

    YUM! I made these tonight with local pastured pork – salt & pepper sausage to be specific, but it is really just ground pork with a little salt & pepper. The burgers felt like fritters to me…and this might offend the Danish, but my taste buds kept looking for little flavor bursts of corn or diced red pepper. We are going to try one or the other (or both!) next time around. Still, YUM!

  5. Faster Philip


    Im a Dane too, i do these Frikadeller once in a while, im also a former chef, tho i never did a frikadelle at work =) But the frikadelle recipe is as diverse as what i must imagine yours for chili´s.

    But i allways go for this recipe:

    2 pound ground pork, not too lean.

    2 pound ground veal, again not too lean. 10 % is fine.

    3 eggs

    100 ml. milk

    2-3 onions.

    a clove of garlic

    4 tablespoons of flour.

    2 handfulls of oats. fastly chopped. (i use organic so they are usually pretty big)

    2 tablespoons of vegetable bouillion (dry / Powdered)

    3 tablespoons of worchestersauce / worchestershiresauce.

    2 tablespoons of extra virgin oilve oil.



    I use a foodprocessor to puree the onions, garlic and milk. then i stir together meat, onionmix and spices. Then i stir in the eggs and lastly flour and oats. I let the patty mix rest in the fridge for 2-3 hours or over night if i have the time. Then i form “meatballs” with a tablespoon, and gently press them on top so they get a little flat, but NOT as much as a burger patty! This is essential as they will dry out if they are too flat. I fry them on a hot pan with plenty butter, again the plenty butter is key! They will dry out a little if theres not enough butter. I often use a spoon to drizzle the frying meatballs with the butter from the pan, as i fry them, this will also improve juicyness and overall frying crust /colour. I serve them with a sauce made on the same pan as i fried the frikadelles and just add cream and perhaps a little jelly. And a cucumber salad, made from thinly sliced cucumbers, vinegar, sugar and salt, pepper, lay leafs and some peppercorns, perhaps even mustardseeds. Cook up spices and sugar with some water and mix in vinegar and let cool, add cucumber slices and let it rest for hours or over night! serve with peeled boiled potatoes. mmmmmm heavenly dish!

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