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  1. Jay

    The dirty rice was delicious. Do you have any leftover ideas for this recipe? I thought about adding shimp and parmesan cheese. Your thoughts please?

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  2. Lauren

    Amazing flavor! Very simple.


  3. Natalie

    Do you think I could use turkey liver instead of chicken liver? Trying to get creative with the turkey parts and leftovers haha :)

    I made this once without any liver and loooved it.

    Thank you for your thoughts!


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  4. Lindsay Alexis

    I use this recipe as the base for my dirty rice. I use ground hot pork sausage in place of the ground meat and chicken livers. I use a whole green pepper, whole onion, 3 celery stalks (we like veggies). I also add a good amount of black beans to add some protein and round it out as a one pot meal (I add cajun spice or cumin to beans while rehydrating them) We love this and eat it almost every week.


  5. Sean

    In our family (from Baton Rouge), a dark roux is used. If served with Thanksgiving/Christmas we call it Rice Dressing.

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