No ImageDouble Vanilla Cupcakes

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  1. Carrie

    Can you make this recipe in a bundt cake instead of cupcakes?

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  2. JD

    I plan on making 2 dozen cupakes for a party. Should I bake them–with the frosting–the day before or the day of the party?

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  3. german warckmeister

    This recipe was great. Thank you. I loved it.


  4. Jana Banana

    My absolute favorite vanilla cupcake recipe! Thanks for sharing with us. When I bake for friends, they always request these vanilla cupcakes. The frosting is just my taste because it isn’t overly sugary and the cakes are rich and packed full of vanilla flavor.


  5. Evelin Mari

    Living in Europe really makes you stupid when it comes to cups and Fahrenheit temps. It really is a foreign language.

    Could you post the measurements in Gram’s and degrees Celsius? Pleeeeasee?

    Thank you so much,
    Groetjes, (that is Dutch for greets)

    Evelin, a google search or the conversion tool on the left should be of great help to you. ~Garrett

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