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  1. Sarah

    I’ve been making a variation of this for years. Never pre heated my skillet, but always cooked on stovetop until center set, then threw in oven for maybe 20 minutes. And always used whole eggs. Always turned out well.


  2. Jenni

    This is a great dutch baby recipe! I topped it with blueberries, strawberries, & a drizzle of honey. My kids loved it, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Super easy to make, and you can pop it in the oven while you get the other breakfast stuff cooked. Thank you!


  3. Ryan J

    Thank you! We have enjoyed ordering these “Dutch Baby’s” for years from our favorite place in Phoenix, Lux Central, but never tried to make them ourselves. Now that we have found this recipe, it’s become a family favorite and have now made these many times! We enjoy them with berries and a homemade espresso whip cream.

  4. Mar

    We love Dutch Babies and pannekuchen! These aren’t supposed to have extra egg whites, vanilla, or spice in them.
    I am surprised at how many people refer to these as Swedish or Norwegian pancakes. I’ve never seen this in any of the Scandinavian cookbooks I have or have read (and there have been a LOT!). My dad’s mom was 100% Norwegian and his dad was 100% Swede, both of whose parents were born and raised in their native countries and emigrated to America in their late teens. Yet they never heard of these until a German restaurant opened in Minneapolis called The Pannekuchen Haus in the late 1970’s, where these were a specialty. That’s the first time we had them, and been fans ever since. We grew up with Swedish pancakes that were just a bit thicker than a crepe. But we ate them with butter and syrup, not berries.

  5. Jenn

    I made this following the directions almost exactly as it said. My eggs were small so I used three plus the egg white. I added a bit of nutmeg. A preference of mine is to always use nutmeg when using cinnamon. The main difference though came from reading about how they tend to fall. I used self-rising flour for the plus 2 tablespoons of flour. It was light and fluffy and it held that texture even when cutting into it. While I don’t know what they should be like, the one I made is delicious!

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