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  1. Mar

    We love Dutch Babies and pannekuchen! These aren’t supposed to have extra egg whites, vanilla, or spice in them.
    I am surprised at how many people refer to these as Swedish or Norwegian pancakes. I’ve never seen this in any of the Scandinavian cookbooks I have or have read (and there have been a LOT!). My dad’s mom was 100% Norwegian and his dad was 100% Swede, both of whose parents were born and raised in their native countries and emigrated to America in their late teens. Yet they never heard of these until a German restaurant opened in Minneapolis called The Pannekuchen Haus in the late 1970’s, where these were a specialty. That’s the first time we had them, and been fans ever since. We grew up with Swedish pancakes that were just a bit thicker than a crepe. But we ate them with butter and syrup, not berries.

  2. Jenn

    I made this following the directions almost exactly as it said. My eggs were small so I used three plus the egg white. I added a bit of nutmeg. A preference of mine is to always use nutmeg when using cinnamon. The main difference though came from reading about how they tend to fall. I used self-rising flour for the plus 2 tablespoons of flour. It was light and fluffy and it held that texture even when cutting into it. While I don’t know what they should be like, the one I made is delicious!

  3. Diah Tan- van Zon

    Although I believe the pancake tastes great, I find the name quite insulting as a Dutch myself. How on earth does this pancake being called “Dutch baby” or “German pancake”. Those are two different countries!

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  4. Helen

    I made this today. My oven is very hot, so I always need to adjust cooking times and temperatures. I decided on 170 C for 20 minutes. I put on my timer and went upstairs to finish painting my son’s room. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the timer.

    I came downstairs about 25 minutes later to this wonderful smell. However, when I opened the oven, I could see a burnt offering. I was so disappointed. I scraped it out of the skillet and put it onto a plate and was about to throw it into the bin.

    Then I discovered the underneath wasn’t as burnt as the rest. I started to nibble on it and the next thing I was pouring maple syrup and blueberries all over it and drooling. Hubby and daughter came in and fought over the black bits. Even the dog had a little bit!

    I’m going to cook it again tomorrow. This time I will keep an eye/ear on the time.

  5. Sophia

    This is odd, I know, but I do not have a blender. Would an electric mixer or whisking by hand work? Or a food processor?

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