No ImageEasy Brazilian Cheese Bread

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  1. Isabella

    I made it with cotija cheese and added just a tiny bit more than the recipe called for. Highly recommend using cotija or parmasean if you want the Fogo de Chao taste. Turned out amazing!


  2. Bee

    Needs more flavor, also mine popped wayyyy up high and ended up having a weird texture in the center. Even stranger part is when I reheated them days later the texture was much better (lots more air pockets and good fluffy texture). Going to try extra cheese next time.


  3. Waffles

    Thanks for the recipe! I cooked 5-6 cloves of chopped garlic in the oil first (used avocado oil), used 21 grams of white cheddar and 50 grams of asiago cheese – both chopped to small pieces. Whisked everything rather than use a blender as tapioca starch mixes easily and a whisk is a lot easier to clean. Since tapioca doesn’t have gluten, you can’t over mix. Added a bit of black pepper then made waffles! It took about 3 – 3.5 mins in my Breville waffle iron. It was a nice combination of crispy cheese and chewy mochi. The chewiness was a bit dense so I may cook it longer next time or add a bit of baking powder. No need to oil the waffle iron as there’s already plenty of oil in the batter and cheese. The waffles went really well with Mango Chutney. You can buy tapioca flour from an asian supermarket for significantly less than Bob’s. Cost about $1.00 for 454 grams.

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  4. Bekah

    Have you ever frozen these in the batter stage? Like putting them in the pan but freeze them and throw them in a bag then cook directly from the freezer. I bought some at a grocery store frozen and they were so convenient I’ve been wanting to do it myself.

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  5. Richard

    I made these today and I am addicted already, really simple to make and taste delicious.


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