No ImageEasy Brazilian Cheese Bread

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  1. Juju

    Brazilian do not use Feta Cheese for Cheese Bread. This recipe is not genuine. Normally cheese bread doesn’t have to be put into a pan. It sits by itself as a big dollop.

  2. Yefrosinia

    Made it first time yesterday, the bread came out tasting great! Exactly what I had hoped for – chewy inside, crunchy outside. It puffed up a lot leaving a cavity inside that begs to be filled with something tasty. I measured flour and cheese by weight and I got exactly 20 mini-muffin-size breads. Thank you for the easy recipe! Next, I shall try the version with mashed potatoes.


  3. Anita

    Good recipe. Came out well at the first try. Surprised at how easy it was and the fact that it didn’t need any specialised equipment like a thermomix.


  4. S

    So easy to make and delicious! I wanted to find a recipe to copy texas de Brazil cheesy bread, and this is basically it!

  5. Jane

    made this recipe but consistency was wrong. it was thick, close to cookie dough batter. followed all the directions perfectly. what went wrong? and how do i fix this?

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