No ImageEasy Duck Confit

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  1. Janet

    Just pulled it out of the oven. I took apart a whole duck and made the breast meat too. Sooo lovely!!


  2. Bohdan

    Hi. I am making this dish right now and I have a question: should the such in the oven be covered? I am worried that it will dry out if naked for two hours uncovered. Thanks.

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  3. Charlie

    Hi Elise!
    Sorry!! That should be 1.36 lbs.

  4. Hannah

    I have made this recipe many times. I wipe off the salt before cooking, because although duck confit is supposed to be salty, it’s too much for us. I’m deviating tonight by adding dried Herbes de Province and some lemon zest, based on another reviewers comments. I blame this recipe on my duck confit obsession. Whenever I see fresh duck legs on sale (I found 6 yesterday), I can’t resist my urge to buy them. Half of them are cooking now, and the others are waiting patiently in the freezer. I have also bought canned confit. It’s good, and a great source of duck fat, but not like making your own. Thank you Hank!


  5. Jimi McV

    Very simple recipe (so why do I need to download it every time??) but great results.
    I have tried it several times, and had no failures.
    If I may suggest a couple of tips..
    1, Buy a whole duck, and remove the Marylands. It is much cheaper (per kg/lb), and you then have the breasts for another recipe (or confit them too), and you can use the carcass to make a delicious duck stock. I also chop off the neck and add it to the confit for some extra fat (and a nice treat for the chef).
    2, Liven up your salt rub. I have added orange zest, and/or spices to the salt to give it a bit more flavour. Options are limitless. It also means your left over duck fat has an extra taste to add to roast vegies.


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