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  1. princessakhi

    This recipe is very much perfect who can’t have solid food. My baby is one of them, so thank you so much for providing us such good recipes.


  2. Kate

    I originally saved this recipe to give to my children – they are always looking for fast, easy and delicious recipes. But last night I was short on time and had most of the ingredients and I can say it is a great “basic” recipe to start with. I added garlic, cumin, Rotel tomatoes, veggies (I had shredded cabbage on hand) and used brown rice (took longer to cook). Served with sliced radish and avocado and quesadillas. It was delicious!
    So yes I recommend this for the new cook and for the seasoned cook – you could go simple or make it a feast!


  3. Sally

    Hi Suzy!
    Any kind of canned tomatoes will do–if you are using whole canned tomatoes, be sure to chop them before adding to the soup. The soup will still be delish!

  4. Gill

    No similar tinned tomatoes in this part of the world. However, reading around, people seem to be using normal tinned tomatoes, or adding a few chopped sundried tomatoes (in addition to the tin) to give an extra richness.

    • Sally

      Hi Gill!
      Normal tinned tomatoes are just fine. We always used them before the fire-roasted were available. I’ve used chopped up plum tomatoes, too–but maybe with a bit of tomato paste when using fresh tomatoes. Ultimately, it is more of a chicken soup than a tomato soup, so it’s hard to wreck it :)

  5. Suzy

    We don’t have that type of canned tomatoes in our country. So I’d have to add my own spices to this- any suggestions?

    • Sally

      Hi Suzy–Any kind of tomatoes will be good in the soup–if using whole canned tomatoes, be sure to chop them up. You don’t need any extra spices, just don’t skimp on the limes and cilantro which are what makes the soup so good. I hope you enjoy it, it is so easy!!

  6. christa

    can you omit the chicken? and use veg broth instead? Could I add more rice instead or maybe black beans

    • Sally

      Christa, this is a hard one!! It’s a traditional chicken soup from my mother in law, but I do think you could make it vegetarian–it will be more tomato-y, not at all chicken-y. I wouldn’t add too much more rice (it won’t add any flavor and there might be just too much of it) You could add black beans, and maybe even corn. Essentially that would be a tomato soup, which isn’t a bad thing. You might need more broth. Don’t skimp on the limes and cilantro which is what makes the soup so good.

      Hope that helps!

      • Sandy S

        Sally and Christa, Just made this wonderful soup replacing the chicken with 1/2 cup dry TVP (texture vegetable protein) and the chicken stock with vegetable stock. Turned out great! This is a surprisingly filling soup. Definitely suitable for an evening meal when served with corn chips or cornbread! I had no cilantro, and used finely shredded chard in place of the cilantro.. The chard was good but, I love cilantro and will look forward to using it in the future. For those seeking to omit the chicken, who do not like TVP, I agree with Sally that black beans (or maybe chick peas?) might be an alternative. If I went the bean route, I would add 1/2 cup of grated carrots to the onions to round out the flavor. A very good new quick soup recipe for me!


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