No ImageEasy No-Knead Pizza Dough

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  1. Barb

    How long do you cook pizza dough and what temperature, I am planning on making this tonight.

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  2. Margie

    Hi, love this pizza dough! I have used 00 flour, AP flour, a mix of whole wheat & white and always have got excellent results! I use yeast labeled for pizza’s but I have used reg yeast too and all work well! The yeast recommended for pizza’s makes the dough a little easier to stretch out and no worries about tears or holes developing in dough! I use this dough for calzones as well as pizza’s! As every Friday is pizza or calzone night! I make a batch of dough and freeze and the dough is ready to use as soon as it is thawed! Excellent recipe! Thanks so much!


  3. Charlene

    This is one of the best pizza dough recipes I’ve ecountered. Made it last night and everyone enjoyed my veggie pizza. The dough was excellent!!


  4. Felishia Hoffecker

    I’ve tried this recipe maybe 3-4 times now and never has it risen. Weird. The dough still works but it just doesn’t rise for me.

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  5. Linda G

    Can you make it with GF flour/bread mix?

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