No ImageInstant Pot Easy-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

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  1. Elmo

    A fun tip. After peeling your eggs to make deviled eggs for Easter dinner, you can still “dye” your eggs in nice, soft pastel colors. Peel the eggs and split in half, remove the yellow, Dye egg halves like you would normally dye boiled eggs. Let dry, then proceed making colorful deviled eggs.


  2. Rebecca

    Quick easy recipe for spur of the moment egg salad! Had my craving fullfilled. One of my eggs misbehaved and basically exploded. I blame the eggs, not the recipe. 5-5-5 worked like the secret key I needed and won’t forget

  3. Aaron

    In case it wasn’t said… the 5-5-5 refers to 5 minutes at pressure, 5 minutes before releasing pressure (if it doesn’t naturally release first), and then 5 minutes in an ice bath before peeling. :)

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  4. Gina

    Wow. Easy….. nothing else to say. I have struggled like most and was worried about the eggs bursting. Not so. Not even a crack. Perfectly cooked and not overdone yolk. The pealing was SIMPLE. She’ll came right off. Perfect


  5. Livolia

    i swear i followed all of the instructions but the egg whites stuck to the shells and the yolks were solid but not fully cooked…they hold together but look said to short the 555 method by a minute on the cooking part, but i really think they coulda used that extra minute


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