No ImageEasy-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs in the Pressure Cooker

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  1. B

    Finally! It took me like 3 minutes to peel 14 eggs!


  2. Nicholas

    The unicorn exists!!! Just did this and peeled 10 eggs easily and perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing this! Big impact on our Sunday routine!


  3. Melissa

    This was life changing for next! Never have I ever been able to peel an egg without massacring it. Never have I made deviled eggs because I cannot peel the egg! They came out perfectly!!


  4. Paula

    Perfect!!!!!!! Love it. Thank you.


  5. Beth

    To say this is “life saving” is probably a bit dramatic; however, after trying the 4 minute method last week I can assure you this will now be a regular addition to our diet as it worked perfectly! I just used this method again today and I can tell you it is very forgiving as I got involved in a deep conversation and left the pressure to release naturally–for 49 MINUTES–oops! I ate one egg warm and the texture was fine. Will see how they are after being chilled. Next time will set a reminder alarm.


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