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  1. Ann

    Hi! Just found your website. It’s fantastic! I’ve tried quite a few different approaches to poaching an egg, but this one, first try, worked better than every other. I poached four eggs following your instructions, and they came out perfectly cooked, i.e., nice runny inside, firm outside. The strainer really reduced the amount of “fly away” strands. I did this with my son who is learning the basics of cooking, and he was amazed at how easy it was. Thanks very much!


  2. Caroline

    Thank you!! The strainer method worked perfectly and I finally succeeded in making poached eggs! I’ve tried the whirlpool before with disastrous results, so I’m very happy to have found a simple and effective alternative!


  3. Rebecca

    The strainer worked great. I didn’t need to use vinegar and I didn’t have any of the yucky vinegar taste. Best poached eggs I’ve ever made.


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  4. Helen Manners

    Love the variety of choices how to cook the eggs. From a beginner to professional:)


  5. Erik C

    Best how to guide for poach eggs 4 minutes works really well. I achieved perfection after three trial and error. You see what works best for you. Water calculation based on pan size is important. I gently set the egg down out of the heat area cause I don’t want the bubbles moving eggs as quickly and gently as possible then put pan back into the simmer heat area covered with a clear see through cover start 4 min timer on iPhone. If you wish you can add mint leaves or herbs healthier also. Thank you very much.


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