No ImageEasy Poached Eggs

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  1. J Wilson

    OMG I’ve been trying for years to poach an egg, and this method seemed too simple but actually worked. Thank you!

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  2. Waste of time

    “Barely simmering water” is apparently a trick to help us?

    I’ve just wasted 3 eggs trying your method. The white just sticks to the bottom of the pan and that’s it, egg wasted.

    I always stir the water, it stops the white sitting at the bottom of the pan.

    My eggs are never in the pan for 4mins either, maybe it’s because you use Luke warm water…? Who knows!

    An my eggs were bought this morning with a display date of 9/1 and expiry 16/1. I doubt it’s my eggs fault.


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  3. Vickie

    I have never had success poaching eggs. OMG thank you so much this worked perfectly. You have a new follower. Teach on sister.


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  4. Joey

    Love poached eggs-I’m hit or miss on my own even when I think I’m doing the same thing. Worked perfectly! Thank you!


  5. Jenny

    The only way I knew how to poach eggs was the vinegar and stirring method, which never worked well for me. This idea of letting the eggs simmer gently without agitation was amazing and I really felt like a pro when I got them out with a slotted spoon. This is a great method for poaching eggs.


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