No ImageEasy Shepherd’s Pie

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  1. Elizabeth

    It’s a good recipe but I have been doing my own for quite a few years now and it’s just a gram hamburger some salt and pepper and ham midst onion and them I put in frozen corn on top of that and then some gravy beef gravy then I put the mashed potatoes on top of that sometimes I put a little bit of gravy on top of that but sometimes not and I put the oven for 30 minutes at 400. And it does come out pretty good and it’s pretty easy I don’t use peas and carrots but eventually I’ll probably will have to because corn truly is noAnd it does come out pretty good and it’s pretty easy I don’t use peas and carrots.

  2. Gary

    Two changes to make it even easier: Large tub of Bob Evans mashed potatoes, half a jar of Heinz savory beef gravy. I also use the small cans of corn and peas and carrots you can find at most grocers.


  3. Shepherd Daz

    First off the meat should be bathing in a rich gravy, not dry as you have served it. And please call it a cottage pie. If I came to eat at your home and you said ‘ do you fancy some shepherds pie’ and served me a beef filled dish, I would be very confused. It’s called shepherds pie as in the fact you shepherd sheep…not cows. So shepherds pie!

    Easy cottage pie.

    Its No difference to making a cornish pasty, with ‘any meat’…that would be an offence to the term cornish pasty, its made with skirt beef and only beef.


  4. m

    I love your site. The recipes and the the wonderful videos. I cruise cooking/food/nutrition blogs, subscribe to many to see what they’re about, and stay with only the best. I stay with you. I am a senior on a small pension, who has a disability that inhibits my cooking (shop, cook, clean) whew somewhat, but I find your recipes allow me to adapt, cut in half, exchange ingredients for what I have. Thank you so much for the obvious time and effort you put into making this site so professional, but sensible. P.S. If I buy from does that still benefit you? I like that Calphalon fry pan!

    Do you ever test equipment? I would like to stop using my stove-oven and replace it with a good toaster oven/countertop oven that will do small baked dishes and small or parts of roasted beasts. Any suggestions for brands, type?


  5. Bee

    Great recipe, although I did make two changes. First I cooked the meat separately. I’m glad I did because it was a bit greasy. I used an 80/20 ground beef which is leaner, but there was still a fair amount of grease left. Second, (before adding to the pan) I combined the Worcestershire & beef broth and mixed 2 tsp of flour to the room temperature mixture before adding to the beef. The end result is a gravy-licious meat mixture!


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