Easy Tip for Getting Corn Off the Cob

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A method for easily and cleanly getting corn kernels off of a cob, using a bundt pan to catch hold the corn cob and catch the kernels.

Photography Credit: Elise Bauer

Lots of recipes (creamed corn, corn chowder, corn salad) require stripping the corn kernels away from the cob.

In practice, it’s a bit tricky as the corn cob can slip from its position, and the kernels can go flying all over the place!

I don’t know where I first heard of this trick of using a bundt pan, but it’s great for helping to steady the corn cob and to catch the kernels as they come off the cob.

Easy Tip for Getting Corn Off the Cob



  • 1 cob of corn

Special equipment:

  • 1 bundt pan


To remove corn kernels from the cob using a bundt pan, stand the shucked corn cob upright, with the tip of cob placed in the center hole of the bundt pan.

Holding the cob steady, use a sharp knife and make long downward strokes on the cob, separating the kernels from the cob.

Many bundt pans have a stick-free interior. If this is the case with yours, be careful not to scratch the interior of the pan with your knife. If the knife scratches around the edges of the bundt pan hole, that shouldn't be a problem, as when you use a bundt pan baking, this area doesn't usually come in contact with the cake batter. (Note from the comments, you can tuck a paper towel or dish towel into the hole to protect the pan.)

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  • Mike Walsh

    I put mine in a lathe.

  • KissTheChef

    If you are worried about scratches, stuff a small dish towel or folded paper towel into the hole in the pan, allowing it to just hang over the edge of the hole. It won’t interfere with the corn being cut, but will protect the pan from the knife, and vise versa. You can also just use a clean kitchen towel to cover the entire pan, tucking it into the pan and dumping the kernels when finished, but it would soak up any “milk”. So if you plan to use the back of the knife to scrape the “milk” from the cob into the final product, do that part over another dish or the pan in which you will cook the food.

    Brilliant, thank you! ~Elise

  • Robbie

    For the bundt pan-less in the crowd, break the ear in half so you have a somewhat flat steady surface to contact the cutting board. Of course, it doesn’t help with the scattering of kernals everywhere. :-) I’ve been wanting a reason to buy a bundt pan though. So I might just have to put it on my shopping list. Thanks for the info!

  • Christie

    We use and electric knife and the bundt pan to do ours and it works out pretty well. I love that electric knife.

  • Sue

    If you don’t have a bundt pan, you can also use a large, wide mixing bowl with a small bowl turned upside down in it. I cut off the tip of the ear to make the end flat which makes it more stable for cutting. Then I just stand it on the small bowl and cut off the kernels. It works great.

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Easy Tip for Getting Corn Off the Cob