No ImageEasy Tip for Getting Corn Off the Cob

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  1. Mike Walsh

    I put mine in a lathe.

  2. katie mccoy

    This worked so well! Not only was it easy to strip the corn off the cob but my almost 14 year old son enjoyed doing it. That was worth mentioning the method right there! And all those kernels that fly all over were in the bundt pan. We put the pan in the sink – it was right at the right level to work. Lovely. I’ve tried lots of differnt tools and methods and this was by far the best. And who cares who came up with the idea first? This is the one that came up in a search (and you can’t get on the CI site without paying for it – even if you have a subscription which stinks). I did a quick search and didn’t see any other pictures of Chiarello doing this although I saw one other mention of his method. He’s the only one who eever thought of this? That was kind of a snarky comment. And although it is probably easier to get a grip on the cob if it’s cut in half, those kernels are still flying around instead of landing in a pan. Thanks, Elise.

  3. Linda

    Here’s a new idea. . .

    Take a clean nail and pound it through a wooden cutting board, then place the corn cob on the nail, then use a knife to cut the corn off the cob. The nail should help hold the cob steady for you. I read this idea somewhere but didn’t read about it until after I finished freezing a bushel of corn. Of course, this idea does not solve the issue of corn flying around while you are cutting it off the cob.

  4. Jess

    Here’s one better than using that huge knife (not that I dislike knives at all) Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper, Stainless. I’ve bought these as gifts for two family members who can’t or won’t eat corn off of the cob, but love the taste of it.

  5. Paul

    I’ve been using this method for a while, Elise, and love it. I think I got it from Cook’s Magazine. Whatever the source, I also learned at the same time to use a serrated knife. I use a large bread knife and find it’s much more controllable and cleaner.

    Thanks as always for sharing great information and recipes.

    Great idea on the serrated knife, thanks Paul! ~Elise

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