No ImageCloud Eggs (Egg Nests)

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  1. Steven

    Worked perfectly, delicious
    Love eggs for weekend breakfast, to have another way to prepare them if great


  2. Rochelle MacDonald

    I’ve been wanting to make these for a while now. So much that I bought new beaters so I could they look beautiful but I found the whites to be a little tough. I like being able to cut eggs with fork instead of needing a knife. Did anyone else find that. Or did I do something wrong. They look perfect.

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  3. Terra

    This recipe succeeded in getting me banned from cooking. I set off the fire alarm. Will never try this recipe again (due to being banned from using the oven)

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  4. Lori Speiser

    How would you adjust the recipe so the yolks won’t run? (Runny yolks horrify my daughter.)

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  5. Daryl

    Made these 46 years ago at manual training! Always a favourite of mine. Can bake in oven with 2 slices of bread together with hole in top piece for yolk to sit in.

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