No ImageCloud Eggs (Egg Nests)

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  1. PJ

    Last night we had breakfast for dinner and I tried these cloud eggs. It was easy and everyone loved them! As an easy way to keep the yolks separate until I was ready for them, I kept them in half of the shell I took them from. I made six eggs at a time.


  2. EggBert

    It was very easy and worked well but I did not really like it, but that is just personal preference

  3. Trina

    This was my first time making these, and they are so easy and delicious!!! I may have found my new go to breakfast meal.


  4. Boo

    I love these and I made them for my mom for her birth day <3


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  5. Anne

    So good! I’m not a great cook, but these came out perfect and delicious.


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