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  1. Rachel

    For years my kids begged me to make homemade eggnog, and this year I finally got up the nerve to try it. I had the heat on medium, which ended up being too hot and curdled the eggs, but a hand blender saved the day – thanks for the tip! It ended up tasting delicious, and we made it a few more times with different variations. My kids like it better without the egg whites mixed in. A terrific, carefully explained recipe that even a nervous novice could follow. Thank you!


  2. Marie-Anne

    Brilliant!! And so easy to make. I am in the UK, so eggnog not really something we have. Having watched a lot of American Xmas films, eggnog is a staple. I did look at some UK sites, but as I wanted authenticity, I was very happy to find your site. Am now passing the recipe out to friends.
    Definitely going to be a Xmas tradition in future.


  3. Carlotta

    So rich and full of flavor. Absolutely delicious. I leave it alcohol free so everyone can decide what alcohol they’d like to add if they do and how strong . My partner and I love bourbon in our nog, but the rest of my family prefer rum. It’s also even better if you leave it to chill over night so all the spices can really steep into the eggnog. 5/5 and a new Christmas tradition for us!


  4. Jelena

    I remember my grandma used to make it, but over here it’s known under it’s German name, eierkognak. I recall it had alcohol from the pharmacy, not your regular liquor. However, it was overpowering for me. I might give it a go with less alcohol. Happy holidays!

  5. Sam

    Never even tried eggnog before, but gave this a go with my teenage daughter. It’s beautiful!


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