No ImageEggnog Ice Cream

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  1. ~Josh

    Haha my mom just mentioned this a few minutes ago. I could just hear the Egg Nog Ice Cream calling my name right now
    ~ Josh

  2. marie

    I think I may try this with ready bought eggnog and just follow my regular vanilla ice cream recipe but with eggnog instead of whole milk. And rum flavour instead of vanilla. Think that should work?

  3. ch1d3th

    pst…freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen
    would allow you to add alcohol during this step, if you are so inclined

  4. Andrew

    If you want to add more spirit but scared it won’t freeze, just heat the spirit beforehand so the alcohol evaporates away leaving the spirit flavour only.

    Also, if the ice cream is too hard, increase the sugar. I also suspect that if you added corn syrup instead of extra sugar that would decrease the excess ice. I’ll test this theory once I get my ice cream machine back off my mother!

  5. Gordon

    Is there something I could add that’s non-alcoholic that would server the same purpose (IE.. anti-freeze)?

    Perhaps, corn syrup. Try 2 Tbsp. No idea how it will taste with ice cream, but it works with sorbet. ~Elise

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