No ImageEggplant Caviar

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  1. Madame Shives

    So very very tasty, I am a connoisseur of caviar d’aubergine! I used smoked garlic and smoked salt as aubergines are made for a smokey flavour. Also used marinaded roasted red pepper. Absolutely delicious, I’m totally making this for my next party…or just for me this weekend ;)


  2. jojovarghese

    it was really awesome recipe


  3. Lara

    I made this for the first time yesterday and it is indeed yummy. I added a generous sprinkle of smoked paprika to the cut sides of the eggplant before roasting them – it adds a bit more of a smokey flavour. I blended the eggplant in a food processor as the recipe instructs but next time I will combine the ingredients by hand for a more chunky texture. The recipe makes quite a generous amount – you could easily halve the amount if you are making this for just two people.


  4. Christina

    First, I’m wondering if Shaio means it has to be canned? Or just put in a jar and stored? I could go for storing some because it was tasty. I made it for dinner with rice and salad and it felt very healthy and satisfying. My husband was okay with it, but I think one is either a fan or eggplant or is not. And considering that I really seem to like eggplant, I have to recommend this dish, and I’ll adding it in to the circuit on vegetarian night. I probably should have made some dal to go with it.

  5. Alison

    I also love eggplant, but surprisingly haven’t yet tried baba ganoush. How different are the two dips?

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