No ImageEggplant Dip (Baba Ganoush)

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  1. Ana Durand

    This is one of our family’s long time favorites. So simple to prepare and yet so delicious. Even my toddler likes it (well, if we exclude the garlic :))



  2. Lazarus Long

    Absolutely. Cooked eggplant freezes well. Squirt a little lemon juice before wrapping with plastic wrap, or a plastic container. The little bit of acid will help preserve the “taste” of the eggplant.

  3. Sharron Wittenborn

    I was wondering if I can roast the Eggplant and cool the halves scoop them out and freeze the inside.. I have many they are producing fast. Thank You Sharron

  4. Jelena

    Thanks for a great recipe. I’ve just made another batch. My husband and I love eggplant and Baba Ganoush doesn’t disappoint. I’m curious if my Dad would approve of it as he used to travel to Egypt often on business and I remember he mentioned a creamy eggplant dish. Best regards,


  5. violet Milochik

    how do I make it lighter in color, my eggplant is dark in color and not very nice to look at had some yesterday and it was yummy .

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Violet! Emma here, managing editor. My guess is that the color is due to whatever variety of eggplant you used. Also, you scooped it from the skin before blending, right? If you included the skin, that would contribute to a darker color. Hope this helps!

  6. Angela

    Great, I prepared. It was very easy directions. No too many ingredients. It came out delicious, my husband and I love it. Thank you!


  7. Drvandana Rathva

    Thank you for awesome recipe!


  8. Jacqui Sanders

    I have it go lighter when I have put the mix in a blender

  9. DJ

    This is delicious!!! a keeper!!


  10. Nancy

    We love eggplant dip and this recipe is really good. A nice ratio of tahini and garlic. Loved the dash of cayenne which gives the dip just a little bit of a bite. I also added a touch more lemon juice and salt. We’ll be snacking on this delicious dip all weekend.

  11. Munira

    How do you make it lighter, I added yogurt but it still wasn’t as light as in your picture or as hummus. Just curious bc I’ve seen it that way. I love this as a dip with pita chips.

  12. Mary

    Delicious! My first experience with eggplant ever and I’m hooked on this dip. I eat it with banana peppers from our garden. The eggplant was from our garden too.


  13. Marina

    I LOVE your site and make recipes from it very often. Thank you so much. I made this from the plethora of eggplants my parents had. While it was good, the cumin was far too overpowering and I only added half of what was called for. I will completely omit next time (which is this afternoon). The tahini is wonderful in it.

  14. Danielle

    Just made it now without the cumin and with fresh ground sesame seeds (I used the magic bullet) instead of the paste. Two cloves of garlic all the way! It’s delicious.

  15. Denise Boyles

    I remember when I lived in Erie PA and Wegmans had baba ghanoj where they served all the olives and many other special things. Moving to Fl I could not find baba ghanoj, so I looked on the internet to make my own. This is wonderful. Thank you .

  16. Shelby

    Made this on New year’s eve for me and my boyfriend Kevin. It was rich, garlicky and EASY. Served with pita chips. Great recipe. Keep them coming!


  17. Michael

    Great recipe. Thanks! To add some smokiness to baba ghanouj, I added a pinch of smoked paprika at the end.

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