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  1. Donna

    How is this vegan when it calls for fish sauce??? I’m not vegan, but I’m cooking for a strict one. This could have wrecked the meal…

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  2. Kim

    Loved it. Added mushrooms!


  3. MM

    I also forgot to add to my previous comment that I added two cans of coconut milk for more liquid to accommodate the extra veggies.


  4. MM

    This was amazing!!!!! Probably the best meal I’ve ever made, and I can cook some pretty good meals. I did not follow the recipe exactly. I omitted the fish sauce, bamboo shoots and Thai chilies. This was personal preference and ingredient availability.

    I used a regular eggplant and fresh sweet basil. I did not find the lime leaves so I added a tablespoon of lime juice.

    For veggies I cooked the chopped (and previously sweated in salt for 30 min) unpeeled eggplant, an orange bell pepper, a Vidalia onion and a container of fresh mushrooms. I just sautéed everything together until soft.

    I cooked everything in olive oil. I used the Thai Kitchen green curry paste. The resulting dish was not spicy, which was actually perfectly fine because the sweetness and delicate flavors were absolutely delicious!! I did notice the taste change significantly for the better after everything was simmered together for 20-30 min. If you’re not big on spice, try this version. If you are big on spice like me, try it anyways! It’s phenomenal!!!


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