No ImageEggplant Lentil Stew with Pomegranate Molasses

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  1. Penny Carrier

    The stew was delicious! However I had an epic fail when I tried to make my own pomegranate molasses! I ended up with a pomegranate lollipop! I substituted balsamic vinegar reduction and it seemed to work well. Is there a temperature one can test while making the molasses? Maybe use a candy thermometer?


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  2. Tim

    Hey Elise! I love this recipe! I’ve made it a couple times now.

    I’m curious about the peeling and then scoring of the eggplant. Skin is where most of the nutrition is in most vegetables – presumably also eggplant – and some of the skin is left on. Why not leave it all on? In sweating eggplants, I’ve never seen instructions to cut hashmarks in them (though that may be due to my inexperience with eggplants). So I’m wondering if it’s important to do. (These both represent time-saving measures if the steps can be eliminated.) Also, it seems like rinsing the eggplants afterward partially defeats the purpose of sweating them, and also washes away the salt that I’m going to otherwise add to the recipe later. Why not blot the water away, keep the salt, and then I don’t need to add more salt later (so long as I know how much I used to sweat the eggplants with)?

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  3. Rick

    just this morning came across this recipe (it sounds great!) but am also wondering about the instructions to score the eggplant slices – which side of the eggplant slice is to be scored – is it the outside or the inside or does it make no difference? Thanks

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  4. Nancy

    Made this delicious meal for dinner last night — we really enjoyed it. I love pomegranate molasses — I purchase it from a local restaurant so I always have it on hand. I really like the addition of the lentils.

  5. Sammy

    I’m slightly confused about the ‘bringing to the boil’ part for the very last step. I see no instruction to add water and it’s a bit worrying that the veg won’t have enough moisture. What should I do? Just put in everything with no water and turn on the heat? What is there to bring to the boil? Will the vegetables seep out enough moisture?

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