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  1. Kim

    I live in Northern Michigan…where can I get elderberries? They are hard to find right now.

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  2. Melinda

    Thank you Elise, I did cook them first and then started to try the food mill. I found the food mill ground up the seeds somewhat making the pulp coming out of the mill gritty from the grinding of the seeds. So I ended up still draining through cheese cloth for a more desirable consistency. I love using the food mill for other sauces (like tomatoes) but the elderberry seeds stay brittle even after the cooking. Might invest in the steamer strainer. A good thing since I have a beautiful big elderberry tree.
    Thanks for you help. I hope this answers anyone else inquiring the use of the food mill for this.

  3. Melinda

    instead of mashing and straining berries could you use a food mill. I also read somewhere not to put in food processor as it could cause it not to set. What do you think

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  4. Tina Humphries

    Would we be able to use dried elderberries this recipe? We haven’t had a chance to go picking this year, but it’s one of our favorites!

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  5. Julie

    Thanks for this excellent recipe! I’m starting my third batch of the summer right now. It’s been our go-to immune booster for the summer colds (which come with preschool…) and my parents love it, too Thank you from a Davis family. :)


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