No ImageEndive Salad with Walnuts, Pears, and Gorgonzola

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  1. Alan

    I bought mountain, not dolce, Gorgonzola. Even though fresh out of the refrigerator, it was uncrumbleable, regardless whether I used the fork mashing method or the finger method. The cheese, which I had bought at one of New York’s premier cheese vendors, was apparently just too creamy to cooperate. Eventually I had to pull it apart, but the pieces were far from anything resembling crumbs. I made the dish for a party of 20 people. The recipe said “serves 2 to 3.” Following the old precept of better too much than too little, I used 30 endives, 10 pears, and the proportional amount of walnuts and Gorgonzola. When I got to the party, my host, shocked by the huge amount of material, had me serve only one-third of what I had made. Of that one-third, only slightly more than half was taken by guests. Okay, you can say that it had been my choice to follow the precept. But even so, I would have to say that “serves 2 or 3” should be applied only when this salad is going to be served as a main course. Let my experience serve as guidance for people who make this tasty dish for parties. As regards crumbling Gorgonzola, I don’t know what to suggest.


  2. Sandy S

    Just wanted to say that I made this salad using a handful of cress with some other mixed greens as I could not find any endive or other substitutes. It was very good! A wonderful change from other green salads. I look forward to making it with endive.


  3. Rhonda

    Hello again! I just tried this using the above tweeks, and added another – radicchio instead of endive (store was out). It is amazing and colorful! Thanks for the inspiration, Elise. I now have a new favorite salad!

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  4. Rhonda

    My pear tree exploded with fruit this year! I can’t wait to try this with one of my fresh, ripe, organic pears! I have some sherry vinegar on hand so I think I’ll try that instead of the cider vinegar. And I have Roquefort Bleu instead of the gorgonzola. My mouth is watering as I type!

  5. Greg

    This was a great salad…I could not find really ripe pears so I added honey to brighten up the flavor…everyone loved it!


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