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  1. Tom

    I use an old double metal ice cube tray. Pour it into the tray and after the final step insert the dividers and let it harden. Pull up the handles, it loosens the toffee and you have all same size pieces. It works great !!!

  2. Thomas

    Got it right on the first try. Only seven hundred feet above sea level in Chicago. Nothing was unusual. As a rookie of candy making I can’t stress more about taking your time to heat the mixture. Plus reading everyone’s responses helped lead to a good outcome. Thanks y’all.


  3. Carmie*

    These sound amazing! I think I’ll try using the Reynold’s Nonstick Foil & see how it goes

  4. Adrienne

    Make sure the toffee is spread evenly and THIN. The same with the chocolate chips. Makes it easier to crack/ breath up when cool.

  5. Rose

    This is exactly what I needed to impress my future mother-in-law. Thank you so much


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