No ImageOctopus Salad (Ensalada de Pulpo)

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  1. katz

    Recipe calls for jalapeno, description refers to chiles. You may prefer chiles.

    My first time with whole octopus. 2 lb frozen cleaned octopus becomes less than a cup by the time it’s done in the oven and cut up. Next time I will parboil and then cut it up. It was no more tender and less flavorful. Alternatively, prepared octopus from the Asian market is no more expensive and a lot less work.


  2. Virginia

    Octopus is very expensive because they are hard to catch. I am Cuban and needed a different way of preparing. Like Michael Jackson’s album: This is it!

  3. Kurt

    So good–I have salad in the fridge and so far, I like it. I went to PR grab and go place last month and had this for the first time….it was SOAKED in EVO —so greasy but good taste. The price was outrageous, $13 for about a cup. So–it got me thinking…I could do this…onion, octo, jalapeno, herbs, salt, pepper, EVO and vinegar (but way less).

    As I sit here waiting…..I’m wondering…..why not minced garlic? I don’t want to throw the flavors off..but does anyone else use garlic?


  4. Cindy C.

    I decided to get out of my comfort zone and clean and cook fresh baby octopus for the first time. It was actually quite easy! After cleaning the octopus, I put the baby octopus in my electric pressure cooker for 13 minutes. They were done to perfection. Your salad recipe was so refreshing and delightful. I am so glad I got over my initial fear about preparing octopus. I will be trying a large octopus next time.


  5. Janet

    I made this receipe as my boyfriend is Puerto Rican. I bought the Octopus at Whole Foods, fresh. It turned out great. Me t week fresh wild Salmon.


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