No ImageMile High Deep Dish Apple Pie

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  1. Jessica

    When I made my apple pie I cut it open and there was so much water! I ave no idea what I did wrong.

    Some apple varieties have more moisture than others, and some have more moisture depending on the time they were picked. It’s usually a good idea to mix up the varieties of apples for apple pie for that reason. ~Elise

  2. Cassie


    I have made this apple pie for the last 4 Thanksgivings…awesome! This year I am pressed for time and would like to make it ahead of time and freeze it uncooked in the freezer, do you think the quality will be diminished? Do apples get soggy in the freezer?

    Thank you,

    Hi Cassie, I haven’t done it, but I have a friend who frequently freezes uncooked apple pies in the freezer, without any problems. Just takes longer to cook. ~Elise

  3. Aaron

    I’m wondering if it might be a good idea to let the filling cool for awhile before assembling the pie, as I’m afraid adding the apples whilst they’re still hot may melt the butter in the dough prematurely. Just a thought.

    p.s. this is by far the best cooking blog I’ve found on the web.


  4. oomgsoo

    I am a first time pie baker and the pie is the oven right now…looks like the I made it extra extra (too many apples) thick because the side crusts fell off and I can see the filling on the sides. I hope it taste good it smells great…

  5. Nikki

    Dear Elise,

    I just tried this apple pie recipe for a dinner party of 10.. it was a BIG HIT and it was amazing. Instead of placing the second crust directly over the pie, I cut it into strips and did a simple weave. It was heavenly both to look at and to eat. You are the best. I can’t wait to try all the recipes on your site.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Agota

    Hi Hali and Mary,

    Hope you don`t mind me answering your questions instead of Elise. Yes, you can definitely assemble the pie one day and bake it the next, no problem. It will not affect the quality at all.
    And yes, I bake my apple pies with a custard base (cream if you like). You can easily find the recipe on
    under “creme patissiere”. Without this base I would find my apple pies “naked”…
    This is my second time baking this wonder, and I have to tell you: this is a great recipe! Thank you so much, dear Elise for sharing!
    And Happy Holidays to All of You!


  7. Hali Beckman

    I have a 70 year old apple pie expert. Can not wait to try this one on him.

    The Carbonnade beef is out of this world.

    P.S. Have you ever seen an apple pie with a slight cream between the layers?

  8. Mary

    Can an apple pie be assembled today and baked tomorrow without sacrificing quality?

  9. tea

    This looks great! Some of the pies I`ve seen have discoloured apples in the filling and it looks not so nice. Was there any special trick you used to keep the filling looking nice? I`d like to try this for the weekend.


  10. Elise-

    Love your recipe! But can you refregiarte it, and eat it when it’s cold? Does that cause any problems?

  11. Elise

    Hey Jeanne! I was thinking about you today; I’m here in Red Sox nation, out in Carlisle. Went apple picking in Acton today with my goddaughter and her two sisters and will make some apple sauce and another apple pie a little later.

    Regarding skin on or off, I guess that depends on the apple. The granny smith skins are I think too thick and tart. We’ve almost always skinned the apples for pie, cobblers, or sauce. But mom makes her baked apple slices with skin on. But then she usually uses mostly golden delicious – I don’t think the skin is as tart.