No ImageFattoush Bread Salad

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  1. J nelson

    Sure looks like scallions in pictures 3 to on top in middle with green tops

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  2. Carol C

    I wondered about the scallions as I noticed them on top of the salad in the bowl under step 3. I didn’t remember seeing any in the ingredients list. That caught my eye as I love them and think they would make a great addition to the salad. Maybe 1/4 cup? Can’t tell in the small photo. Definitely want to try this. I’ve never eaten but have heard of this type salad.

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  3. tasteofbeirut

    You have omitted the two most important elements of fattoush: Purslane and sumac. Purslane is essential in this salad, as it grows wild everywhere, even in the US. In Lebanon it is also used interchangeably with spinach. Sumac is also the one spice that is a must in fattoush. In Lebanon, it grows wild and its lemony taste made its use prevalent in the mountains where citrus does not grow. In addition, many people use pomegranate molasses in lieu or in addition to lemon juice for the same reason.

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  4. Mirella

    We only tried that one on a Lebanese restaurant last year and tasted amazing! We’re really anxious to try your version ASAP! Thank you!

  5. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen

    This recipe reminds me a little of “Panzanella” a Tuscan dish with stale bread and fresh vegetables.
    I love the pita bread chips. Preparing the bread this way must add so much flavour to it. A beautiful and delicious recipe indeed. Thank you Sheryl.

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