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  1. Laura Fortier

    I am making this for our CDN thanksgiving this weekend, can I make it in advance except for the last step and then just cook in uncovered to melt the cheese on the day of?

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  2. Sarah

    WOW! AMAZING! I received the fennel in a basket I purchased as well as a country sourdough loaf that I made crumbs out of with herbs. I added a bit more olive oil and crumb mixture and my very, extremely picky 7 year old went crazy over this dish! Thanks so much for easy instructions and pictures! (It is great with a basic porkloin roast!)

  3. Julia

    This is delicious! I had some fennel in a produce basket I received, so i googled what I should make. I cook often, but I’ve never cooked with fennel, because it seemed too licorice-y for me, but this was delicious! I didn’t have very high hopes, but I wanted to make something to use the fennel. I wish I would’ve bought a few more bulbs of fennel to supplement what I received in my basket, because this was SO good. We will be making this again! Thank you!


  4. Florence

    I am a fan of Japanese bread crumbs, do you think they would work well in this recipe?

    I think panko would work great here. ~Elise

  5. Maria Evans

    Thanks so much for your website. It’s one of the first places I go when looking for meal ideas. I’m making this for dinner this week, and am just curious if boiling the fennel was a matter of ease of prep or if it makes a difference in the end flavor (as opposed to sauteeing or roasting it). Thanks again.

    You boil the fennel first to cook it. Putting the dish in the oven is to brown the top and melt the cheese. ~Elise

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