No ImagePersian Pomegranate Chicken (Fesenjan)

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  1. Sian

    Lovely, however I added 1 tblsp of flour to frying pan. Cooked it until lightly browned and added ground walnuts to the flour, cooking it for 2 minutes. Then added the liquid ingredients. It thickened it beautifully.

  2. Peggy

    Absolutely delicious!

    To be honest, it doesn’t look too appetizing. If it weren’t for the pomegranate seeds which add some colors, my husband wouldn’t even want to try it, but glad he did. It was very flavorful and tasty! I made the pomegranate molasses from scratch and it was easy. Love this recipe!


  3. Rachel

    Fantastic! I’ve been using this recipe for years. I usually double the sauce without quite doubling the amount of chicken (maybe 1.5 times) because we love it saucy. I find it doesn’t need the full 30 min of simmering before adding the walnuts. If you’re short on time, add the ground walnuts & pom molasses a bit sooner, bc it does need the full hour of simmering after that point. This is a family favorite.


  4. Asha

    This was delicious and pretty simple to make! My pomegranate molasses never turned into molasses (I used the recipe on the site) but it still added the sweet and tangy taste to the chicken. My meal did turn dark but stayed a bit more runny that I would have liked it. Next time I make this stew I’ll be sure to make saffron rice on the side.


  5. Paris

    Great recipe


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