No ImageFish Stew with Ginger and Tomatoes

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  1. Jenny

    Excellent flavor and easily adaptable! I didn’t have enough potatoes so augmented it with sliced radishes, amped nutritive value by adding baby greens (kale, spinach, chard, arugula) to use up remaining salad greens and used cilantro in place of parsley. I put in the recommended 3 tbsp of ginger and I think that makes the broth really yummy distinctive. Will make this again and again!


  2. Jonny

    Made this for My girlfriend and two teenage sons.. there was not a single ounce left in the pot. It was amazing.. served ot with a crusty baguette. Pretty awesome


  3. Trish

    Love this soup! Couldn’t find the fish listed so I used cod and threw in some fresh shrimp, it was delicious! Would double the recipe the next time as there was enough for me to have a bowl and a ladle full when I went back for seconds, the hubs had two bowls, so nothing leftover. This will be a much used recipe!

  4. Supari

    Thanks for sharing this simple yet delicious recipe. I made it today with fresh tomatoes and a squeeze of lime.


  5. Vanessa

    Just tried this last night and it was a success with myself and my husband! I did tweak the recipe a bit, I only used one tablespoon of ginger, and I added in twice as many peppers for a spicier soup. The fish I used was haddock. Everything turned out so tasty! I got to eat one bowl, husband ate the rest, hahaha. Thank you for this recipe!

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