No ImageFrench Vanilla Ice Cream

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  1. Joy

    The best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever made! Creamy, great flavor…I will definitely be using this recipe from now on! Thank you for sharing this recipe. The whole family loves it!


  2. Andrew

    This looks like a fantastic recipe, but I’m having some trouble with it. I’m not sure why, but it keeps turning out rather waxy. The only solution I can find online is that I might be whisking/mixing/”churning” (not using a churn) it too much and, for all intents and purposes, turning it into butter. I’ve been making ice cream for a while now, and I’ve never run into this problem. On the other hand, I know it’s not a flaw in the recipe, so it must be something I’m doing wrong… Any ideas, based on what I’ve said here? If not, I could try to elaborate.

    Thank you

  3. Diane

    I don’t know how long ago Jessica asked the question about making her ice cream a darker yellow, but I do know that the color of the yolks is key & most supermarket eggs tend to be rather pale. If you have access to eggs from backyard chickens, especially those that free range, they will be darker. Since I don’t, I buy Trader Joe’s dark yolk eggs.

  4. John Goines

    I added a shot of Kentucky Bourbon, and changed the milk and heavy cream to half & half and heavy cream. Stellar. :)

  5. Jessica

    French Vanilla ice cream, another surefire ay of maintaining my non diet. I do have 2 questions though.

    First I lack the funds at the moment for vanilla beans. Could I use a quality extract in to make of for it or should I just wait until I can get some of the beans?

    Also I use to eat a Vanilla ice cream at a shop near a huge strip close to a shopping area and theirs is super yellow and wanted to know if I could I just up the amount of yolks in the recipe to fit it. Or does it just depend on the quality of the yolks in the first place?

    Sure, put in a tablespoon of vanilla extract right before churning. Actually, you can put in up to two tablespoons of vanilla extract, but start with one and taste to see if it is vanilla-y enough for you. More than 2 tbsp and your ice cream will have trouble freezing, if you are using an alcohol-based extract. As for the yellow color, you can increase the egg yolk amount by a couple of eggs if you want. ~Elise

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