No ImageFresh Basil Pesto

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  1. Edit

    Loved it!!!


  2. A R

    This was so good! I did sub 1 cup baby spinach and added more cheese so I skipped the salt. 10x better than jarred pesto!


  3. Diane

    Hi – Yes, you can freeze Pesto (with the cheese in it) – I do it all the time. There are certain cheeses that don’t do well and change texture when freezing, but the parmesan cheese will be fine when mixed with the other ingredients and then frozen. I usually make a few small batches and then freeze them; pulling them out of the freezer as needed. Enjoy! :-)

  4. Roberto

    i’m italian from Genoa, where is the only real pesto…you are doing a bad wor…the original recpe wants only little leafs of basil, a pound of Sardinian pecorino cheese, a clove of garlic and pine nuts. After done the pesto, you must cover above with parmesan and put it in freezer to conservate it

  5. Michelle

    It was a simple quick recipe. Easy to make and tasty. The only thing I add a zest of lemon and a dash of lemon juice. Next time I will try it with the spinach. Thanks for the recipe.


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