No ImageFresh Tomato Salsa (Pico de Gallo)

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  1. Dave Eckert

    Your eyes arent the only thing you should avoid touching after handling peppers. Posting for a friend…..


  2. c

    first time making salsa! absolutely loved it, except I added lots of extra chillies and chillie powder :)


  3. Jake

    Solid recipe, but just kinda funny how they act like you’re handling plutonium talking about the peppers.

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  4. hannah

    I love this salsa!!! But can you just put in all the ingredients in the food processor without cutting them up? And will it cut it up and mix it by itself, or do I need to cut the ingredients and then put it in the processor???


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  5. Mary M

    Thank you and your staff for the wonderful recipes and good eats. I’ve been a fan for sometime now! You never disappoint with your skill and knowledge. Made this tonight with my delicious tomato’s from my NJ home garden!

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