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  1. Julia Stearns @ Healthirony

    Awesomeness photos and amazing looking Fudgy chocolate brownies! I found your post in Pinterest! Thanks a lot for sharing Julian!

  2. Ariadne

    @Emma Christansen: No substitutions to any of the ingredients or the steps. Real eggs, butter, all purpose flour in all its gluteny glory, and the exact chocolate combo listed; I’m not vegan/vegetarian nor do I have any food allergies. Made it exactly as stated, even with the same utensils listed. Twice I got chocolate dough chunks. When my partner had time later that weekend, I had him try to make it without telling him about the first two failures (I’d tried baking the chunks as is and that hadn’t gone down well), just to see what he thought of the process. He’s the most careful reader I know as his job requires a ton of proofreading for spelling/grammar/continuity errors, etc., but even he got the same dough chunks that I did and he was the one who suggested adding the soy milk to even out the consistency. The only reason I gave two stars was because the process was easy but rather frustrating for the end result. Once we got milk in there it was fine and the brownies tasted 5/5!

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  3. Ariadne

    I’m not sure if this recipe is missing a critical ingredient because I have made this batch twice exactly according to the letter and each time they came out weird. I had to add 1/2 cup of vanilla soymilk to the batter to make it even remotely like the batter-like consistency pictured above; otherwise without the milk, the end result looked like dough chunks. In the end the taste was amazing like everything else from this site but the dough definitely needed liquid.


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  4. Asha

    Fantastic recipe, thank you! This is the best brownie recipe I’vetried so far. My teen daughter and her friends too gave a big


  5. Kelly

    So delicious! Perfectly rich.


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