No ImageGluten-Free Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

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  1. Kieran

    I followed the recipe fully and i think it was just too much coconut oil. It was bubbling while baking and after it cooled oil has seeped into the bottom and formed a waxy complex on the bottom. Not my favorite.


  2. Gabrielle

    Hi(: can I use chia seeds instead flax?

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  3. Andrea

    A hit! One taster compared them to the inside of a pop tart, and I have to say I concur!

    I’m so glad I read the comments. Based on them, I added xanthum gum, doubled all the ingredients but the oil, and didn’t grease the parchment paper. Still tasted a little coconuty, but not nearly as oily as others had mentioned.

    The only downside was with how rich these were, they made my stomach upset. I wonder if anyone else had this problem (or could pinpoint what would cause this)? I’m new to the world of gluten free/dairy free, etc., so wonder if it could be the xanthum gum, flax seed, almond flour, coconut oil, etc.?


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  4. Monica

    Thank you for the great recipe, especially the descriptions on how the batter should look, a grainy mixture and later gathering into a ball. This helped me know that I was doing it right. I used your recommended flour and xanthum gum. I knew they were a hit because after I left for yoga and let them cool, I came home and my husband had consumed nearly 1/4 of the brownies from the pan. The bottoms were oily so I might reduce the oil or leave not grease the parchment paper next time. Fudgy texture with crispy edges is spot on, though.


  5. Lulu

    I haven’t tasted them yet. Letting them cool. They look delicious. I used The neategg vegan & gluten free egg replacer instead of the flax egg. I also used mostly sucanat & coconut sugar as well as a little reg. sugar as I ran short. Can’t wait to try them.

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