No ImageHomemade Light Rye Bread

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  1. ChantalE

    Easy, hands on and a dee-lice recipe for my fav bread! I add my Epicure (I sell these products) seasonings for a variety of blended seasonings.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Chef ChantalE


  2. Judy

    I’ve made this recipe 7 times in the past year. It’s delicious! I don’t use the cocoa, so a little more flour. Sometimes, when forming the loaves, I roll the dough out & spread it with minced onion then roll it up like cinnamon rolls & cut it in half to form the two loaves.


  3. Gwynneth

    Nice enough bread but I would say it is more of a medium to dark rye rather than a light rye like I was looking for. Judging by the picture I was expecting something much lighter. I used regular cooking molasses (no sulphur and not blackstrap) and my dough was much darker than the dough shown in the photos. I wanted a light rye for Reuben sandwiches but think this might not be what I am looking for. I think it will be great with baked beans though.


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  4. Julie

    I have made this several times since I saw it a few years back. It’s a go-to winner!Also makes excellent dinner rolls.


  5. Lois

    This is just the best rye bread, we love it without the seeds and cornmeal, but that’s just our preference. Thanks so much for sharing, rye flour was not the easiest to find in AZ. I finally found some but will bring along with my white flour that always bring


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