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  1. Justin

    Phenomenal gravy recipe! Pretty much stuck to the recipe exactly as written, and it came out absolutely perfect. It was a huge hit at our Thanksgiving table this year.

    Perhaps this was due to my electric cooktop, which I’m not terribly fond of, but I did notice that once I added the giblet stock to the pan it took more like 7-8 minutes of stirring, rather than 2-3, before the gravy really started to thicken. I had the two burners on medium heat, but next time I might try cranking them up to medium high to see if that cuts the stirring time down a little.


  2. Heather

    I’m giving this a go here shortly. I’m going to omit the liver bc i can’t stand the taste of any kind of liver. I’ve been looking for thyme at every grocery store around here for 6mts probably and never can find it so I’ll also be omitting the thyme and bay leaf. i may add savory since I’m not going to be able to use those herbs. I’ll let you know how it goes

  3. Mark

    70 Y/O and all this time I thought the giblet was a body part.

  4. Moriah

    Hey everyone! I really wanted to love this gravy. I’ve never made giblet gravy before, and was excited to give this recipe a try…. The final product is very gamey. Has anyone else experienced this and know a way to cut this flavor? Or does giblet gravy have a bit of a funk to it by nature? Thanks in advance!

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  5. Tina Gavin

    Very good! Just in time for Thanksgiving.


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