No ImageGinger Almond Biscotti

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  1. Maggie daly

    Hi Elise! Maybe somebody else will see this post and give us an answer!! :-)) thanks for getting back to me so soon I didn’t expect an answer that quickly!! I will try it out with ground ginger, maybe a teaspoon and let you know how they turn out :-))

  2. Maggie Daly

    Hello Elise! Can I use ground ginger instead of fresh? Next time I will buy fresh and freeze it!! :-)) oh yes and if I can use ground ginger how much do I need to put in please? I am really enjoying your recipes they are always turning out perfect!!

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  3. Cheryl Ross

    These were fantastic! The only thing that I changed was to toast the almonds in a pan & since it was late in the day when I made these, I put the dough in the fridge overnight.
    Since I had the mixer out & pan for toasting, I decided to go ahead & toast some coconut & make the Coconut Tuiles in the meantime.
    I did have a lot of scrap when I cut the logs for the 2nd bake. Even though I used a serated knife, the ends wanted to crumble. I just collected these bits, put them in a container & will use them as topping for ice cream & yogurt.


  4. Stephanie

    My mom and I made these today. They are great! We had so much fun cooking together, and then we ate them over coffee afterward. When we make them in the future, I don’t think we’ll chop the almonds so finely. I like finding chunks of almonds in there!
    Thank you for this wonderful website and all the great recipes. I love it all and I’m so happy to have found it! Thanks again! :o)


  5. cuppy

    This was my first time making biscotti, and I had high expectations going in. Elise, you met and exceeded those expectations; this is a GREAT recipe, with wonderful instructions.

    Thank you SO much!!!


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