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  1. Lindsey Jones

    This is my favorite gingerbread recipe to date – I have made it the past five Christmases in a row and it’s still going strong. I usually make it as mini-muffins (unfrosted), about a week before Christmas, and then dump them into a gallon freezer bag and freeze until Christmas Eve. Then, I pull them out Christmas Eve and let them thaw on the counter (still sealed) overnight. It gives them a nice moist, dense, sticky consistency, perfect to go with the crockpot egg casserole and coffee on Christmas morning.

    This year, I’m 7.5 months pregnant and there’s no way I’m making all kinds of pies, monkey bread, and other usual Christmas desserts. I’ve been having signs of preterm labor and decided to keep it simple, so I opted to make these full-sized cupcakes, with a lemon-cream-cheese frosting. The initial intention was for them to be dessert, but I may just eat them all before my brother-in-law and his wife come over tomorrow. :P

    Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  2. Vienna

    Hi, could I use syrup instead of molasses?

    Nope, then it’s not gingerbread. ~Garrett

  3. Dawid

    They are brilliant for Christmas, I’ve made them yesterday.

    By the way I want to wish you, Elise, and all cooks over the world Happy Holiday and a very Happy New Year.

  4. Anju

    Made these today and my 2-year-old gobbled three down before I could stop him. (He then went on a sugar high but that’s another story.) They are delicious. I used 5 tablespoons of butter and substituted applesauce for the rest, and used perhaps 1/6 cup of freshly grated ginger because that’s all I had in the kitchen, but the cupcakes still turned out absolutely scrumptious! Amazingly soft and moist. Eating one now with coffee as I type this. Thank you, Garrett!!

  5. Kathy

    I made these little gems and gave them to an uncle who I know loves gingerbread and he heated them in the microwave and had vanilla icecream with them for dessert. Yum!

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