No ImageGingered Lemon Bars

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  1. han

    You should tell people not to make the lemon filling thick. My son and I did not have a 13×9 dish, but it was very tasty. :) ( It was so good that we had to give it a 5-star rating )


  2. Shauna

    This looks delicious and I’m going to try it! For the crust it says a pinch of salt, while the list shows 1/4 tsp salt. Is the 1/4 tsp to be added to the filling (it doesn’t mention slat in Step 3)? Thank you!

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  3. Jackie

    I loved these! I sprinkled them with blueberries before the 2nd baking and it was DELICIOUS and beautiful to have the two colors. Some of them exploded when bit (leading to some blueberry on the cabinets), but it was well worth it!


  4. Ana

    These are the best lemon bars I’ve ever had! The recipe creates a bar with a perfect texture, almost like a short- bread cookie except the top has a layer of lemon. My friends never had lemon bars because the thought of a citrus and sour ingredient in a dessert did not catch their fancy, tried these and they loved them. These truly are amazing!


  5. Shamima

    Hi! I was just looking through the internet for recipes on my Food’s project for school – and let me tell you, i’ve fallen i love with your site. Its simply amazing! :) I have a question about the bars though – do you need to butter the pan before pouring the crust batter in? I know you didn’t write it, but i’m just double checking because some recipes for lemon bars say that you need to butter the baking dish…. Thank you for sharing these amazing recipes with us! You’re awesome!

    The crust has a lot of butter in it, which melts as the bars cook, so there is no need to butter the pan. ~Elise

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