No ImageGlazed Oxtails

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  1. William Benner

    Thank you for sharing your recipe looks good also I will be making this tomorrow but in my pressure cooker

  2. Mathew Price

    Wow. All I can say. It was so Tender and delicious. Served over rice. Was skeptical about making because the lengthy process but was well rewarded for my time. Thanks.


  3. Nadine Singer

    Can this be made in a pressure cooker? At least to speed up the cooking portion perhaps?

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  4. Sophie

    Made this last week and it was a massive hit. I made your braised short ribs last year, so I knew there were things I wanted to tweak since this recipe is so similar. I added 2 tablespoons of chili flakes to give it a mild kick (it worked!) and also added a half cup of nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce) before allowing it to simmer to give the broth an additional subtle layer of flavor.

    I kept the oxtail whole when I served it. I served it over your colcannon recipe and drizzled the gravy over the whole thing. It was heavenly. My boyfriend gnawed the bare bones like a man possessed and beamed out with delight when I said he could bring the leftovers to lunch the next day.

    Thank you for the recipe. I love your site and rave about it all the time to friends and family.

  5. Jack Burton

    Clean the meat first by soaking in vinegar for a few minutes. This also helps to break down the proteins in the meat. If you feel the meat isn’t getting tender quick enough while cooking, you can add some white or red wine vinegar to the pot but not too much, like a tablespoon. Before I brown the meat, I melt some duck fat in the pan and fry some sliced shallots, sliced scallions and sliced scotch bonnet peppers. Then I flour and brown the meat in the pan with those veggies. While it’s cooking I add a decent amount of Worcestershire sauce to the pot. I also add Sriracha for some more heat and a slight sweetness. Also, you gotta add at least a bay leaf or two to the pot.

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