No ImageHoney Apple Cider Glazed Salmon

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  1. Michael

    Tasted amazing. I tried it with chicken and it also taste amazing

  2. Carol

    Although I am not a fan of fish, my husband is & he loved this recipe. I made oven baked Jo-Jo’s & steamed veggies along with the salmon, it was a very big hit. :-)

  3. Joan Teitelman

    Elise! This is a favorite of mine (in fact, I’m the 1st comment listed).

    Luckily I printed out the original recipe for my recipe file. I have to tell you that one of the things I love about the original recipe: The halved lemons caramelize in the oven – providing a beautiful presentation which is different and impressive.

    Baking for 6-8 minutes in the stove is not a big deal…and believe me, I’m a home cook with little time.

    Now….if it only hadn’t decided to be i the 80s today in nyc – I’d be turning on the oven tonight. Not now…..but soon.

    Thanks again for all you do for us!


  4. Tom Hammer

    Oh. My. God. Bless you Elise Bauer… you are a gift from God.

  5. Priya

    I love your recipes! How do you make sure that there aren’t any of those small salmon bones? From your recipes you know *a lot* about fish and seafood — looking forward to learning more about this!

    If you’re interested, consider a separate post on how a home cook can prep salmon. I love food blogs and this is one of those small details isn’t mentioned, especially with good photos.

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