No ImageGolden Cheddar Cheese Crisps

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  1. Jacque Holdaway

    I’ve always used semi-finely chopped pecans instead of any seeds. But here in Oklahoma and Texas, we use pecans in everything! After all, the Pecan is the state tree of Texas! And here in Indian Territory, Oklahoma, I have two Native Pecan trees in my pasture that are easily over 150 years old (two grown men cannot reach around their trunks) and still producing pecans! There’s no need to toast them first, as they will toast as the cheese melts and gets crisp.
    Vermont white cheddar is spectacular in these, the sharper the cheese the better. And a bit of dry mustard or a lesser amount of cayenne, if you don’t care for too much heat, really perks up the flavor of the cheese. Also try a light sprinkle of course sea or kosher salt or freshly cracked peppercorns, or add some garlic powder to the mixture. Be adventurous and make the recipe your own!

  2. Julie

    If mine are not crisping up should I bake them longer?

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  3. Michael Stone

    I’ve spiced them up a bit by adding mustard powder.

  4. Ann Cromwell

    This post reminded me that I must provide something for a holiday bake sale. I see that these crisps are best the day they are made so I’ll pass on this recipe. Do you have a suggestion for a savory bake sale item that appeals to blander Midwestern tastes?

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  5. Linda L Kolbek

    I would like to make your cheddar crisps, but I am gluten sensitive. What else can I use in place of flour?

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