No ImageGreek Lemon Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce

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  1. Ellen

    Can I do this under the broiler vs. on the grill?

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  2. Sonja

    We’ve made this many times. SO GOOD. EVERY TIME.


  3. Katie

    Another great recipe. We loved both the chicken and the sauce. The flavor was bright and the chicken was juicy. I couldn’t think of a good side dish, though! Any ideas?


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  4. Elizabeth Higgins

    This will be great for our barbecue party this weekend, Elise! The chicken breasts cut into chunks will definitely be tender and juicy and cooked just right to absorb the flavors from the tzatziki marinade/sauce. Since I am not at all familiar with tzatziki, is it really necessary to include cucumber in the recipe? Is there any alternative to it?

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  5. Dina Simmons

    The most delicious recipe ever! The chicken has an amazing amount of flavor and is so moist!


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