No ImageGreen Apple Curry

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  1. Shirleen Stoll

    Hi I am a Trinidadian and you can also curry corn it taste good

  2. Mark

    I just whacked this together in a slow cooker with about 16 red apples (had a heap of old ones to use up) will be interesting to see how it turns out

  3. Taryn

    Ooo, and if you’re going store-bought on the roti, we really enjoyed this paired with Kawan wheat meal chapati, which we pick up from a local Indian store. Not homemade (nor do I know how it compares to Trini roti), but a pretty good stand-in for scooping up curry!

  4. Taryn

    We left it “bare bones” as Elise calls it, for the most part, adding just a pinch of smoked paprika at the end. The tartness of the Granny Smith really set this one apart for me. My husband devoured his too but remarked that he would have enjoyed it more with a protein, like some thinly sliced pork or chicken, but he says that frequently when we go veg. :) Thanks, Elise!

    Hi Taryn, I think of this curry as a side, not something that would replace a protein dish. Almost like a condiment curry. ~Elise


  5. Kay

    Wow, never thought of doing a fruit curry before but could be worth giving a shot. I see someone mentioned Granny Smiths being too tart–any recs for substitute apple?
    Also, regarding the curry powder–not all curries are the same. I’d recommend (if you have access) the Madras-style curry (common in Trini & Guyanese cooking) or even the Blue Mountain brand for a more authentic Caribbean taste. I’ve tried using Indian curry powder in a pinch (not that many Caribbean stores in Cali’s Bay Area) and it works in a pinch but it’s really not the same.
    Thanks for featuring Caribbean cuisine!

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