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  1. Cathy Tomasiewicz

    My husband goes not eat Green Beans, but I made this and he loved them, and so did I… Yummy.

  2. Linda

    I would like to make these for an open house but wondered how they are when they are no longer warm. They will be made about 3pm and will be out for several hours. I can put them in the microwave if needed, but just thought maybe someone made these for a potluck type event and tasted them when at room temp? Thanks!

    • Elise

      Hi Linda, since they are made with butter, they should be served warm. If you want to serve them at room temp, I would make them with olive oil. Not as tasty as butter (of course) but at least you won’t have congealed butter on your beans.

  3. Girl

    I have a real competition…his mom
    But he said these were the best green beans he’d ever had! Thanks for the recipe:)

  4. Kelly Byerly

    Going to try this recipe for Christmas, but my husband insists that there is bacon in the green beans. Think I might try your recipe with some crumbled bacon.

    • Elise

      We have a couple versions of green beans with bacon. Here is one, and here is another. Both are great!

  5. erin

    I made these tonight and really liked them. I used mostly olive oil with a little bit of butter for flavour. The Dijon complements the green beans really well, and I especially liked the toasted almonds.

    Thanks for another great recipe!

  6. Gina

    I just tried this recipe tonight and WOW! Everyone loved these beans! My son does not even like green beans but he loved this recipe. The only thing I did differently was use a spicy dijon mustard. This is a keeper!!

  7. Leigh

    Just thought I should comment to say I’ve been using this green bean recipe for quite awhile and now it is the only way I make green beans! So good for a side dish with any meal any time! We make these a lot when we grill chicken or steaks. Thank you so much!

  8. Melissa

    So simple and elegant! Made these for a post-holiday gathering, I blanched the beans the night before to make it easier on myself…the vegetarian loved them and the meat and potato people asked for the recipe! :)

  9. Sara

    Every year I try a different green bean recipe and they always seem plain and not quite savory enough to blend with the rest of the offerings. None-the-less, my children (teenagers) insist they are essential (ie–don’t substitute Brussels sprouts!) I’d like to try this recipe this year but I am a little worried about the Dijon–can you reassure me it is not overpowering?

    I don’t find the mustard overpowering at all. But if you think you might, I would recommend starting out with a smaller amount. ~Elise

  10. Violet Pan

    Wonderful green bean recipe. I used to cook this one while I was living in Bankok :)

  11. Miriam

    Can I use Spice brown mustard instead? I don’t have dijon mustard. But I really want to make this dish!

    Sure, should work fine. ~Elise

  12. Estela @ Weekly Bite

    I love how you compare green bean to labradors. So true!

    I love this dish! Green beans and almonds is one of my favorites!

  13. Christine Miller

    I was wondering, if I use a bag of frozen green beans can I omit the blanching. Don’t they do that prior to freezing them?

    Good question. I think they do blanch before freezing. I usually cook fresh green beans (available most of the year here in California), so don’t know what to tell you about the frozen ones. ~Elise

  14. Janice

    I was in the process of making green beans tonight. I slowly sauteed garlic slivers in olive oil with red pepper flakes. After reading this recipe, I added the thyme, mustard and silvered
    almonds. Great recipe.. the mustard gives a nice flavor to the beans.

  15. camille washington

    I don’t have any mustard, can I still make this dish. Thank you!

    Yes, though it won’t be as good. If you don’t have mustard, you might want to sprinkle the beans with a little vinegar when they are done. ~Elise

  16. Mike

    Thanks for this recipe! This, like all of the recipes I’ve tried from your site was wonderful.I made this last night and it was great. I did modify the recipe a bit. I cooked the butter until it was the slightest bit caramelized, used minced garlic and at the last minute, I threw in a little Pinot Grigio. I’ll definitely be making this again!

  17. Marie

    This recipe also works very well if you substitute olive oil for the butter. We love it, even the kids! Made them originally for Thanksgiving with the butter and they were a hit. Made them again later with the olive oil and no one even noticed the difference.

  18. Dunja

    I made these green beans today for our Thanksgiving Feast and I loved them, what a different twist on them! I would use less butter the next time or even try and sub olive oil for the butter or do half and half. My kids didn’t eat the beans and neither did my husband (who eats no green beans period). Well, I think this is a keeper and so simple to make!

  19. Cathy

    We made these green beans for today’s Thanksgiving Feast and we all LOVED them. Great flavor! After 26 years of roasting a turkey breast up and basting every 20 min., I decided to live on the wild side and try your Mom’s Roast Turkey recipe. My whole family agrees that it was the juiciest, most flavorful turkey we have ever enjoyed. Thank you for these fantastic recipes!

  20. Jess D

    You know, I made these last year for thanksgiving and no one seemed to like them! :( I was so disappointed! I thought they were all right. Maybe I messed them up, lol!

  21. Tony

    Also made this for Thanksgiving this year. Very easy and very tasty. Thanks a bunch.

  22. beth

    Made these for Thanksgiving; they are the best green beans, so fresh with the thyme and Dijon. I cooked the green beans the night before so it was super simple to finish them on Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried from you. Thanks.

  23. Robin

    I made these last night, and they were great! My husband really enjoyed them, too. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  24. Timothy

    This was scrumptious. I didn’t have garlic salt, so used powder+salt, and it was great. Oh, and I just nuked the beans, which is probably sacrilege, but Alton Brown said it would be OK. Next time I make roasted chicken, this is definitely going to be the side dish!

  25. Nick

    I’ve made this recipe twice so far and it rocks! The first time I “toasted” the almonds a little too much and it wasn’t quite as good, but the second time they were perfect. I have this one in mind for the next potluck I go to!

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