No ImageGreen Beans with Bacon

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  1. Hungry

    The simpler the cooking of the green bean the better. ” MUST use fat back or bacon to season the green bean”. Salt and pepper with a little butter coating.
    Makes a perfect meal of Green Bean.
    YUMMMMM. :)

  2. paul

    add fresh chopped garlic and after in serving bowl add fresh parm cheese. delish

  3. Dawn Nelson

    I also sometimes add onion by itself, and sometimes just a pinch or two of brown sugar or some fresh minced garlic with the bacon and the onions. Love my green beans, and am constantly looking for new ways to dress them up.

  4. KariVery

    This reminds me of one of my Mom’s recipes – she’d cook the bacon, then saute slices of sweet white onion in the bacon fat until they were nice and brown. Then, she’d mix in fresh, lightly steamed green beans and lots and lots of black pepper with a dash of lemon juice. That flavor combination is so delicious!

  5. chef G

    nothing loves green beans more than bacon but to really make um pop you need acid. whether it be lemon, vinegar, lime or wine. something has to cut the fat of the bacon and freshen the green bean. The marriage is perfect. I love you chef G.

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