No ImageGreen Beans with Tomatoes and Bacon

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  1. Maria

    Made these green beans for valentines dinner, sooooo good thank you

  2. Sally

    I discovered this technique a couple of years ago from Mark Bittman. He uses olive oil instead of bacon. Either works. You cannot overcook these beans. One hour is minimum. Two or three? Great! Great leftovers and great reheated. Take in crockpot to holiday dinners. They are very popular, very easy and totally make ahead.

  3. CAH // TheCarboholic

    Elise, I made some green beans tonight vaguely following this recipe and a few others (from Saveur and the NY Times). I don’t eat bacon (blasphemy, I know), so I had to wing it a bit. I also didn’t have an onion. I know, I know, I totally changed it up.

    But I was more coming back to comment on the cooking time. These beans were amazingly textured. I adored them, and they rounded out a great vegetarian meal. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Laura Jane

    Since it is hard to find consistently tender green beans in the markets at this time of the year, I used the whole frozen green beans instead. Worked beautifully! Thanks for this recipe Elise. . .your recipe made my 84 year old dad very happy. . .he is partial to slow cooked beans – not the steamed or roasted that we usually prepare!

  5. Heather

    Growing up in South Louisiana, this is similar to how we always ate green beans. We did not add the tomato, and we ate it over rice. It’s also good to caramelize the onions to a nice, golden brown before adding either bacon or pickled pork.

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